Anthony Bruno

Anthony Bruno

Lead Front-End Developer in Denver, CO, He/Him


I’m a front-end developer with over 15 years of experience creating scalable, accessible, and responsive experiences for the web. I’ve got a deep understanding and passion for leading complex long-term projects, advocating for processes and standards, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders to create impactful solutions.

Currently, I’m focused on empowering teams, simplifying workflows, and delivering the highest quality features and products possible.

Side Projects


Part laboratory part bookmarking app, Markboard is a simple bookmarking app that has provided me with the sandbox for continuous improvement and personal growth.


A fun little Chrome extension that copies email addresses within a mailto link directly to the clipboard instead of bothering you by opening Outlook or the Mail app when ya click em.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to streamline engineering processes, develop strategic product roadmaps, and align with brand objectives.

  • Architected company-wide code standards, boilerplates, and automated testing practices, improving development efficiency and overall software quality.

  • Orchestrated hiring, mentorship, and support of junior developers, fostering their continued growth and contributing to a more collaborative and skilled team environment.

  • Championed accessibility principles within design and engineering teams to promote the creation of inclusive digital experiences for all users.

  • Applied agile methodology concepts in collaboration with project management teams to define, plan, and deliver multiple detail-oriented projects for Fortune 500 companies on time, ensuring project success and client satisfaction.

2018 — 2022
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to enhance features, establish roadmaps, and shape product strategy, culminating in a successful acquisition in 2022.

  • Led the development of a Vue.js component library that empowered engineering teams to create more efficient, maintainable, high-quality product initiatives.

  • Drove product enhancements by incorporating iterative testing powered by user feedback and quantitative data, resulting in significant improvements in user experience (UX).

  • Partnered with new ownership to seamlessly onboard their engineering teams while continuing to refine infrastructure, processes, and documentation for optimized operational efficiency and integration.

2016 — 2018
Owner at Cool Studio
  • Directed an independent consulting and development practice, successfully serving over 20 clients and delivering tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

  • Worked closely with in-house engineering and design teams to drive front-end web development, consumer/developer marketing, and product realization initiatives through collaborative efforts and shared expertise.

  • Effectively managed client expectations and maintained open communication channels to facilitate project delivery and success. Defined business objectives, outlined project scope, and identified target markets, ensuring alignment between technical solutions and business goals.

2012 — 2016
Senior Front End Developer at Nelson Cash
Chicago, IL
  • Established and led an engineering team, implementing policies and technical strategies for testing, audits, and management. The successful execution resulted in the recognition of being listed in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies of 2016.

  • Teamed up with Google to develop a site publishing platform that facilitated the online representation of 5.2 million small businesses.

  • Collaborated with design teams to elevate interaction and seamless transition to the web.

  • Delivered various fully responsive, performant, standards compliant projects within a fast-paced environment.

2010 — 2012
Front End Developer at We Are Mammoth
Chicago, IL